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Finding and Using Open Access Resources Visit our Open Access Resources subject guide for suggested places to find open access and public domain materials including images, video, and datasets. Support for Open Access at Northeastern University The Faculty Senate has twice passed resolutions in favor of providing open access to the scholarly output of the university, in and Other Ways of Funding Open Access Publishing Article processing charges APCs for open access journals are often acceptable costs to include in your sponsored research budgets.

Many open access journals charge authors nothing for publication. Our Guide to Choosing a Publication Venue can help you assess the quality and reputation of journals.

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Upload Your Publications to the DRS If you want to make your research output available to a wider audience but prefer to publish in a subscription-based journal, publishers often permit authors to make a certain version of their articles available open access in their university's digital repository. Twitter Facebook Instagram. Selected New Titles Newly added titles: online, print and media.

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The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships grants this These materials could help researchers understand how low oxygen environments affect the immune system and potentially be used to supply oxygen to help train immune cells to fight cancer. She and her team are studying endothelial cells that line blood vessels to better understand how the blood flow environment and stiffness of the underlying tissue contribute to cardiovascular disease risk.

Bradley Priem, BS, chemical engineering, had two co-ops that gave him the ability to delve into a particular industry. At Synlogic he was a bioanalytical chemist and bacterial engineer creating e-coli strains, and at bluebird bio he was an upstream process development engineer for gene production. He now knows he wants to go into the biotech industry and is interested in graduate school too.

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Wilde collaborated with a postdoctoral researcher to create nanomaterials using a chemical vapor deposition, or CVD, furnace. ChE Professor Thomas Webster and his colleagues are using bacteria to develop nanoparticles that will combat antibiotic-resistant infections. The students will be judged for the quality of the presentations and research on microbial interaction with biomedical interfaces.

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