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Our goal is for the girls to solidify their academic, artistic, and athletic skills, to gain self-knowledge, to deepen their love of learning, to enhance their appreciation for and understanding of the world beyond Nashoba Brooks, and to strengthen their voices as young women. Please note : Each subject includes a guiding question or questions, some of the topics we address in that area, and an overview of some of the skills we work to build through this subject. About Grade 7 List of 14 items.

There is no charge for early arrival. The school day starts promptly at AM. Students in Grades also have the option of being part of our intramural athletic teams which have practice and games after the end of the school day. We offer a number of fee-based External Programs that allow students to stay as late as PM. What role does storytelling play within cultures?

How are poetry and prose different in conveying story and reality? How does literature reflect the larger community? How does it offer a critique? How do social forces condition individual lives? Use of the library in Grade 7 is incorporated into subject area classes. Pre-Algebra How can I represent patterns and relationships that model real-world phenomena?

Life Science What is life?

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How are humans related to all living things on Earth? How do we, as scientists, investigate the living world? Discovering Global Geography What does it mean to be a part of a global community? How does geography impact the world we live in? How are current events connected to the physical and human geographical characteristics of places? What is our responsibility as global citizens? How does studying Spanish help us better understand and communicate with others locally and globally?

How do universal themes such as food, sports, health, and vacations in the Spanish-speaking world compare with our own personal and collective experiences in the United States? Why is Latin relevant today? Why is it important to study Classical history and archaeology?

At Nashoba Brooks School, educational technology is meaningfully integrated into all content areas to enhance student learning. How does participating in the 7th and 3rd grade musical enhance communication skills and the ability to collaborate toward a common goal? What are stereotypes in our society, how are they perpetuated and how do they impact us? How can one critically analyze information surrounding them to form a personal value system? How can we connect with our community in a positive and constructive way? In two separate testing settings, students asked out loud, what's a narrative?

They only way they knew was because the students were distraught and were panicking.

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After the group of students I tested where through with Math, I administered the survey. I was very upset by the last question. It basically stated: How did you find this test? Harder than the math tests I take at my school. Easier than the math tests I take at school. About the same as the math tests I take at my school. It is difficult for me to answer because it was harder than the math tests at my school.

The look of defeat on the students faces broke my heart and almost made me cry I had to look away several times so I wouldn't cry. I was doing my best to reassure them, but I could tell it didn't work. The fact that we have two more days of testing left and then another testing period in April is disheartening. When is enough enough? I thought parents had to be notified before students could be given surveys? The questions asked students about their writing habits, their opinions about the TNReady test, and about their school. Don't parents have to give permission before students are given surveys?

Where is all that information going? AND parents have the right to opt their student out of participating in a survey.


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AND section c says the district should disclose the purpose of the survey and who gets the data. Is your district breaking the law? Or is the Tennessee Department of Education breaking the law??? Might be worth a persuing legal action? My class took the TNReady test on Monday before the computers crashed. The computers were working fine, but the test was awful. My students were having meltdowns. One of my straight-A students was hitting himself in the head, pulling his hair, crying, and saying "this is too hard!

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I am horrified. I am broken-hearted. There was only 1 question on this third grade Social Studies TNReady test, and it was to write an essay. They had to tab between two different reading passages, and write an essay with their little fingers hunting and pecking for letters on the keyboard because they don't know how to type yet, nor are their hands big enough to type properly , and they had to be sure to cite evidence from the text that means "copy" to third graders.

But the material was about the Oregon Trail, which is a fourth grade standard!!! Third grade Social Studies standards cover world geography, not the settlement of America! They had no clue what old-fashioned words like "lo" meant, especially the students who speak English as a second language. Even worse, the standard to read and compare a primary and secondary source is a SIXTH grade standard, not a third grade one! Even worse, the system apparently crashed, but we weren't notified about it until after our testing time was completed.

It was on paper and pencil, this time, but it was the exact same passages and essay question they had on the first computer test. How fair is that to other students? My principal told me I should not state my opinion on social media.

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I am an elementary school teacher and your blog is talked about frequently in my school. You are saying so many things that teachers are afraid to say for fear of losing their jobs. Please keep up the good fight. I am willing to speak anonymously. Momma Bears, here, again Readers, you should realize that teachers are risking their jobs telling us all this. Before they administered the test, teachers and proctors had to sign an agreement saying they wouldn't look at the test or talk about it.

There's even a law about it: Tennessee Code Annotated T. Such actions shall be grounds for revocation of state license. Well, Momma Bears question if the test has any " integrity " to compromise in the first place!!! This test is full of flaws, makes children cry, and has no value in helping our children or schools.

Results, which are projected to be much lower than past TCAP tests, aren't even supposed to be back until the fall when students are well into the next grade level!