Write a narrative essay about your visit to a place of historical significance

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Try to make it as interesting as you can. Topic Selection Since a travelogue is written after your trip to another country or place, the main topic of this type of writing is a description of your experience there. A travelogue needs a central idea, which will be the backbone of your whole piece of writing.

Deviate from the common tourist routes and make explorations on your own. This way, you can add lots of interesting, distinctive places into your descriptions, which will definitely add value to your travelogue. Keeping a travelogue within the structure of an essay is a sound way to present your material.

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In the introduction, you can provide some background about the place you are writing about and also describe your traveling conditions. Finally, summarize the experience from the trip. Share your thoughts about it, your findings, and what you will be contemplating after in regard to the trip. Describe the difficulties you faced, strange customs, sanitary conditions, etc. Give your readers an idea about transportation costs, hotels, and resorts.

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Give advice about the entertainment in the area or about places of interest to visit. Do try to convey the atmosphere of the place you visited. Talk to the locals about their lives or problems and benefits of living in that place. Include fragments of these interviews. Do add some humor in your writing. You might want to describe some funny situations that occurred during the voyage or a humorous spin on some serious problems you managed to solve.

Do proofread and edit your travelogue.

Such pictures are okay for your personal photo album, but for a travelogue it is better not to choose them. It can facilitate prejudice against the country you are describing. Do it immediately after you return home, while your impressions are fresh and you can recall events clearly. Need Help? Red Fort is the most beautiful historical monument of India. It is located in New Delhi in the centre of the city. It is beautifully designed and built after planning of the skilled architectures in the architectural style.

It has become the centre of the political achievements and administrative innovations in the country. Shah Jahan ruled here from to for 31 years golden age in architecture and fine arts of Mughals. He ordered the highly skilled and professional architectures to design and built a Red Fort using red sandstone at the west bank of the river Yamuna.

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The surroundings of the pavilion have been decorated using precious gems, valuable stones, and silver linings. A Diwan-i-Aam is also built inside it as a Hall of public audience. Red Fort or Lal Quila is the national symbol of the country. It is the most beautiful and innovatively designed historical monuments of the India. There are many historical places all over the India however it is most glorifying and attractive. It is designed and built very beautifully by the highly skilled architectures. It is a historical symbol of country and has become a monument of educational and historical value.

Parents are generally go there in the vacations of their children to give them some knowledge about the historical place and monument. It has become the most important place for students visit.

It was constructed by the famous Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in during 17 th century. It is built using red stones. It is the place of great historical value and located near the Salimgarh Fort in Delhi. My school principal arranges a trip every year for us to visit the Red Fort. We have to submit an assignment over the red fort after our visit. It is the place of attraction for the people of many countries. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India where a big crowd of the people come every year from many countries.

Prime Minister of the India hoist a national Flag here on the ramparts of the Lahori Gate every year on the most important Indian occasion of Independence Day, 15 th of August. Red Fort is also known as Lal Qila and located in the centre of the city. Share Flipboard Email.

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